Korean Fried Chicken Mix

Korean Fried Chicken Mix

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This blend of herbs and flour is perfect for making your favourite Korean Fried Chicken at home. Gradually add 350ml of cold water to 200g of Korean Fried Chicken Mix, stirring until it is a smooth batter. Coat chicken with the mixture. Fry chicken in 170°C oil for 10 to 11 minutes, or until chicken is cooked. For a more delicious flavour, marinate chicken in milk for 30 minutes before frying. For a vegetarian option, swap chicken with cauliflower. 100g of mix is sufficient for half a chicken.

Pro tip: Double fry to make it extra crisypy!


Product of Korea | Ingredients: Wheat flour, Corn starch, Salt, Sugar, Corn flour, Baking powder [Acidity regulator (500, 450, 341), Corn starch, Emulsifier (470(i))], Red pepper powder, Black pepper powder, Thickener (1400), Ginger powder, Garlic concentrate powder, Mace powder, Nutmeg powder | Contains wheat | Store in cool dry place