About Us

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Hi, welcome to the Naked Asian Grocer. We're glad you're here.
Naked Asian Grocer is Australia's very first zero waste Asian grocer store... which means we offer Asian groceries staples without single use plastic!

The Issue We Have 

We love Asian food and we cook it regularly at home. But every time we walk into an Asian grocery to pick up an ingredient, we also pick up single use plastic packaging. And that was frustrating us. Australians throw away 1.9 million tonnes of packaging a year but only a third is recycled. We were also buying too much food and end up throwing most away. Food waste adds a huge strain on our natural resources. An enormous amount of water, energy, land and fuel go into making food. Food scraps in landfill result in gas that's 25X more detrimental than CO2. So we thought we'd do something about it.

Our Solution

Here at Naked Asian Grocer (NAG), we want to revolutionise the way we shop for Asian groceries. We bring you Asian ingredients zero waste. This means that your Asian groceries will be packed without single-use plastic bags. And you get to purchase the amount that you need, so you don't have to worry about food waste.


We want to be honest with you. While we have a solution, our solution is not 100% perfect. Yet. Some ingredients are hard to come by, some are only made overseas, some do not come in bulk packaging or some contain nasties. We are selective with what we pick in our stores because we want you to have the best zero-waste ingredients. Here are our priorities:
  • No single use plastic. Our store will not use single-use plastic bags. That said, it is worth noting that some of our suppliers are still packing bulk foods in plastic. This is largely due to the supplier's lack of technology, lack of demand for plastic-free packaging, compliance to manufacturing regulations and / or higher conversion costs. Rest assured that we are constantly working with our suppliers to minimise their plastic packaging. As we grow, so will our influence! In the meantime, we responsibly recycle bulk plastic packaging and reuse them where we can.
  • Offsetting carbon emissions Our priority is locally made, but we also recognize that not every Asian ingredient is produced in Australia. That said, we responsibly source our ingredients from overseas and will offset our carbon emissions with organisations such as Greenfleet. We also use Sendle for our deliveries and they are 100% carbon neutral.
  • High quality. We expect the highest quality from our suppliers. As such, we conduct cook and taste tests on our ingredients, and have strict quality control on all our products to ensure you'll be happy when you purchase from us.
  • Constantly evolving. If you have any feedback, questions or have an idea on what you'd like to see in our stores, email us at hello@nakedasiangrocer.com or use this Contact Form to get in touch.